Using the RingOut feature on your Office@Hand online account

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SummaryHow do I use the RingOut feature on my Office@Hand account?
RingOut is a useful and powerful click-to-call feature that allows you to initiate calls using your RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T account.

To learn how to do this, follow the steps below.
Step 1:
Log in to 
your RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T account.

Step 2:
Click RingOut.

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Step 3:
The Current Location field specifies the phone, e.g., mobile phone or landline, which you will be using to make the call. Fill in the Call to: field with the phone number you wish to make the outbound call to.

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You have now performed the RingOut feature on  your RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T account.

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