Office@Hand Conference Calling Frequently Asked Questions

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TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. What is Office@Hand Conferencing?

Office@Hand Conferencing enables Office@Hand customers to setup and join conference calls anytime, anywhere. Each customer receives a conference bridge number and every user has an individual access code to host a conference. With the ‘invite’ feature, users can easily and quickly email conference details to participants. Office@Hand Conferencing includes mute controls, listen only mode, record conference and more.

2. Is Office@Hand Conferencing available for all services?

Office@Hand Conferencing is available to Office@Hand customers in the US only.

3. How can I use conference calling?

Each Office@Hand customer receives a local conference bridge and host/participant access codes per user. Conference details, including invite and host controls, are available on the service web and on the smartphone app. Invites can easily be sent to other participants via email.

To start a conference call, do the following:

Step 1:

Get your Office@Hand conference details from your online account.

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Step 2:

Dial the Dial-In Number on your deskphone or softphone.

Step 3:

Dial you Participants code.

4. What are the feature benefits of conference calling?
a. Free, unlimited conference calling

- Use conference calling right from your Office@Hand phone system
- Included for free with your monthly service
- Hold any number of meetings with up to 1000 participants per conference
b. Single conference bridge

- Easy to remember, dedicated conference bridge for your business

- Each user gets a personal host and participant access code
- Every employee in your business can now use conferencing simultaneously
d. Full featured host privileges

- Host controls allow for muting attendees, listen only, recording conference, and a lot more.
e. Access from anywhere

- No need to remember your conference info – It's available on your account.  
5. What are the international dial-in numbers for conference calling?

Refer to the list of International Dial-In Numbers for conference calling.

6. Where can I find my conference details?

Your conference details is found on the online account. It is displayed after clicking the Conference button.

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7. Can Participants join the conference before the host?

Yes, this feature can be enabled by the Host on the online account by clicking Conference > Enable join before host > Close.

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