Office@Hand Automatic Call Recording Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is Automatic Call Recording?

Automatic Call Recording is a new feature which enables you to record incoming and outgoing calls automatically. You can listen to the recordings online or download the recorded conversations to your computer.

2. Is this new feature available for all types of accounts?

Automatic Call Recording is only available for Office@Hand Premium (Unlimited) customers.

3. Is there an additional fee for this feature?

No. This feature is free with Office@Hand Premium (Unlimited).

4. How is this feature set up?

Only Administrators can enable the automatic call recording through the Office@Hand online account and set it up for individual users. Once this feature is enabled, all calls from the digital lines are recorded automatically and can be downloaded from the Activity Logs section of your online account.

IMPORTANT:  Automatic Call Recording will NOT work if the extension is set to Unconditional Forwarding.

5. What are the featured benefits with Automatic Call Recording?

Easy to setup
With few simple clicks, admins can enable automatic recordings for one or multiple users
Quickly select recordings for incoming and/or outgoing calls
Playback or download recordings anytime
– Recorded calls are saved in Activity Logs and can be downloaded anytime
– Download individual or multiple recordings for review and playback
– Use default or custom announcements for inbound calls
– Emails are automatically sent to users enabled for automatic recordings
– Record calls to and from Office@Hand number on iPhone or Android app
Flexible announcements
Works across devices

6. Will there be any limitation on the number of automatic call recordings?

You can only save 500MB of Automatic Call Recordings.  They are saved automatically in Call Logs up to 90 days

NOTE:  You can also download the recordings to avoid reaching the 500MB limit.

7. Does this feature work on mobile phones?

Calls which are forwarded to your mobile or other phones will be supported. This feature does not work yet with VoIP call recordings from smartphones.

8. What is the difference between on-demand and automatic recordings?

On-demand Call Recording is enabled by default and is initialized by pressing the *9 touch tone command and can be ended anytime during the call by pressing the same command (*9). Automatic Call Recording is disabled by default and can be enabled for one or more user extensions for inbound and/or outbound calls.

If you need this feature, contact your Account Manager.


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