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SummaryWhat is call forwarding and how can my calls be forwarded to another phone if I fail to take those from the first one?
Use Call Handling & Forwarding to determine how calls would be handled when the come in.  Forwarding Number is an alternate phone number that a call gets forwarded to when you are unable to answer using your IP Phone. 

Follow these steps when adding a forwarding number to an extension.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Go to Users and select the user you wish to modify.

User List

Step 3:

Click Call Handling & Forwarding.

call handling and forwarding

Step 4:

Enter the Forwarding Number on the appropriate field and then ensure that the status is ON.

forwarding number

NOTE:  Click Add Phone to add more forwarding numbers to an extension. Enable International Calling on your Office@Hand account when adding an International forwarding number.  Standard rates apply.

Step 5:

Change the number of rings by clicking the arrow down symbol and then selecting the appropriate option.

ring duration

QUICK TIP:  You can change the sequence of the forwarding numbers by clicking on the arrow up and the arrow down buttons.

Step 6:

Click Save .

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