Office@Hand: Adding Desktop IP Phones to your account

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SummaryHow do I add desktop IP phones via web?

An Office@Hand SIP Phone is a phone that is purchased directly from Office@Hand from AT&T. All SIP phones purchased from Office@Hand from AT&T are pre-configured and ready for use when plugged in to your network. 
This article demonstrates how Account Administrators can add an Office@Hand device by following the steps below: 

1. Purchase a Desk Phone via the Office@Hand Online Account
2. Check the Shipping Status of your Ordered Phone/s
3. Connect your Office@Hand Desk Phone to your Network 

NOTE: If you want to see steps on configuring your unassigned devices go to Office@Hand: [ADMIN] Configuring an Unassigned Phone on your Online Account

1. Purchase a Desk Phone via the Office@Hand Online Account

Step 1:

Step 2:

Go to Phone System > Phones & Devices.

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Step 3:

On the Unassigned tab, click Add Device.

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Step 4:

Select a phone.
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Step 5: 

Enter the Shipping Address, and then select your Shipping Option. Click Next.
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Step 6:

You will see the Order Confirmation page. Click Confirm.

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For steps on setting up ​your unassigned devices proceed to Office@Hand: [ADMIN] Configuring an Unassigned Phone on your Online Account.

For steps on converting your unassigned phone to a Common Phone, go to Office@Hand: Hot Desking Overview.

2. Check the Shipping Status of your Ordered Phone/s

To track your Device Orders, follow the steps on Office@Hand: Checking the shipping status of ordered phones. While waiting for your order to arrive, it is advisable to prepare your network for VoIP calling. Scroll down to learn more.

3. Connect your Office@Hand Desk Phone to your Network 

To set up your network for VoIP calling and for instructions on how to connect your phones, go to Office@Hand: Connecting your Office@Hand Desk Phone to your Network.
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